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December 2023

Selina was awarded a poster prize ( B/T cell interactions fuels intestinal inflammation during autoimmunity) at the annual meeting of the Austrian Society for Rheumatology in Vienna – thank you ÖGR! It was a pleasure to be there! Looking forward to the meeting next year!

December 2023

And another paper accepted – fantastic and inspiring collaboration with the Pleitez lab! We applied mid-infrared optoacoustic microscopy (MiROM) for fast, label-free, non-destructive assessment of inflammation in white adipose tissue. More to come on this interesting topic!

Fast histological assessment of adipose tissue inflammation by label-free mid-infrared optoacoustic microscopy | npj Imaging (nature.com)

November 2023

Paper finally accepted! We show that depleting B cells or blocking co-stimulatory CD86 on B cells at disease onset diminished intestinal inflammation in a mouse model of IBD. Thanks to Iana (fantastic work!), Julia und Marie (joint group effort!), all co-authors, colleagues, funding bodies and editors/reviewers for their hard work and helpful suggestions!

B cell-mediated CD4 T-cell costimulation via CD86 exacerbates pro-inflammatory cytokine production during autoimmune intestinal inflammation – Mucosal Immunology

June 2022

Check out our user protocol for spheroid clearing on the ibidi homepage:

Protocol for Spheroid Culture, Staining, and Clearing for 3D Imaging (ibidi.com)

cleared spheroid (F-actin in red, cell nuclei (DAPI) in blue)

March 2022

Our review article discussing 3D imaging of immune cells can be downloaded for free here:

Tissue clearing and 3D imaging – putting immune cells into context | Journal of Cell Science | The Company of Biologists

August 2021

Very happy to see our review discussing 3D imaging of immune cells published in the Journal of Cell Science! Awesome experience publishing with them – thank you expert editors and reviewers! We even used some cluster algorithm to group the ever growing clearing protocols! Great work Julian!

Tissue clearing and 3D imaging – putting immune cells into context | Journal of Cell Science | The Company of Biologists

Download your free copy of the article here (the first 50 clicks will get access – please be considerate and do not abuse!)


May 2021

Interested in recent developments and challenges in the field of Cell Analytics? Join Selina for a discussion on the use and pitfalls of 3D imaging to increase analytical depth and throughput during the

Miltenyi Cell Therapy Analytics Day 2021!

April 2021

Our Review discussing IgA plasma cells on the road is out in Frontiers in Immunology! Great work of Jule and Marie, published on time for their one year anniversary in the lab!

Frontiers | The Wanderings of Gut-Derived IgA Plasma Cells: Impact on Systemic Immune Responses | Immunology (frontiersin.org)

March 2021

B cell metabolism club

We are a group of people with a common interest in B cell metabolism. We meet in a virtual format every first Thursday of the month to discuss data and methods to study the influence of metabolic pathways (including autophagy and ROS) in B cell function and differentiation. The club is designed to be mostly an extended and international group meeting, with the goal to foster collaborations and to receive constructive input in a respectful format.

For more information please visit our homepage!

December 2020:

Our paper got accepted in Frontiers in Immunology! Thanks to the reviewers for helpful comments! Congrats to Julian and all authors for the great work and this journey exploring new cellular dimensions!

Frontiers | Efficient Tissue Clearing and Multi-Organ Volumetric Imaging Enable Quantitative Visualization of Sparse Immune Cell Populations During Inflammation | Immunology (frontiersin.org)

September 2020:

BiteSizeBio webinar:
If you are interested in a way to spead up imaging with the THUNDER Imager – a widefield system with real-time computational clearing – and how we started using it in the lab check out the webinar at BiteSize Bio:


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